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General Elevadores.
We specialise in the

maintenance of lifts

and other

lifting equipment

, such as Domovil, vertical platforms and stair lifts. Our clients are individuals, communities of owners, hotels, public bodies, companies, hospitals, clinics and property managers.
Moreover, our multi-brand maintenance service is held in high esteem by our clients, as we provide immediate customer and troubleshooting services, 24-hour assistance, repairs and replacements with the maximum guarantees, in addition to the regular servicing of your lift or lifting equipment in order to prevent potential breakdowns and to ensure you are always taken care of.
We design, manufacture, install, modernise, replace and maintain lifts and other lifting equipment, using the latest technology and tools, in addition to our own R+D+I.
We will ensure your experiences with heights occur in complete safety. Take the path on which we will always be by your side.
We are constantly expanding, and you will find our lifts all over the world.
Get to know us, both through our Spanish offices and our subsidiaries and distribution companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.
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  • Why is it important to have a pool cover?
  • Our best projects of 2023
  • New accessibility subsidies from the Provincial Government of Andalusia
What makes us
We take
care of everything ;)
Is there anything better than a team of professionals dealing with everything?
Don't worry, we're already here, and your safety is our priority.
Our job is to provide you with the best service and to ensure your day-to-day runs smoothly. As such, we

install lifts

and solutions adapted to your needs.
Isn't life better when you have a friend who helps and understands you? In us you have thousands, a family of experts striving to guarantee your safety and comfort round the clock.
Your trust drives us to keep improving on a daily basis.
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