Maintenance of lifts

and other lifting equipment.
We are lift maintenance experts. We service your lift and other lifting equipment in order to minimise the number of incidents and breakdowns through effective preventive maintenance, in accordance with European standards and based on our extensive experience of more than thirty years. In addition to this preventive maintenance, we conduct corrective maintenance to deal with any breakdowns, providing you with safety and peace of mind.

Furthermore, we will assist you with our 24-hour emergency service every day of the year, and quickly deal with any issues with our large stock of original spare parts.
Our predictive maintenance services, provided in a personalised and professional manner, will keep you up to date with recommended modifications and repairs aimed at preventing breakdowns before they occur.
We offer a wide range of agreements to suit your needs.
We analyse the installation of all models of lifting equipment (including other brands) to provide you with the appropriate coverage. Our own R+D+I and experience will be entrusted with finding the best solution.
Our lift maintenance and after-sales service, endorsed by our clients, is what sets us apart from the competition.
We also strive to be transparent with you, and as such you can access our Binsa site, exclusively for clients, and review the work we do for you.
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Preventive maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. As such, we inspect your lifts on a regular basis, with a special focus on safety elements to ensure you undergo fewer incidents and breakdowns.
We conduct the preventive maintenance of lifts and accessibility equipment, in accordance with an exhaustive protocol, making the necessary adjustments and repairing or replacing any parts that need it.
Our primary goal is user safety and, therefore, ensuring your lift is in perfect working order.

Corrective maintenance

We are a national benchmark with regard to after-sale services in the lift market.
Our main goal is an immediate and personalised service for breakdowns, both in lifts and other types of lifting equipment, maintaining a healthy stock of original spare parts, monitoring incidents involving your lift and providing highly qualified personnel certified by the pertinent official entities.

Types of maintenance

GR agreement
The GR agreement covers the greasing work and services regulated by the legislation in force, with special attention paid to safety elements, in addition to any breakdowns and warnings that occur.
This agreement includes the repair and labour of all breakdowns in the facility, with the exception of incidents related to vandalism or negligence, decorative elements and measures ordered by official bodies.
Moreover, our lift maintenance services include the repair and/or replacement of the materials required to extend the life of your lift or lifting equipment.
GM agreement
The GM contract agreement includes the greasing work and services regulated by the legislation in force, in addition to any breakdowns and warnings that occur during our working day.
Maximum transparency
for you
Binsa provides information and transparency.

The BINSA platform enables our clients to view the preventive and corrective maintenance services in real time, including the reports issued when we conduct work on their lift. They will know when the lift is serviced or repaired and how long it has taken us to deal with the situation since we received the notification of the breakdown.

General Elevadores goes one step further in relation to lift maintenance services. We want our clients to be up to date with our work, both with regard to their community´s lift and lifting equipment used to improve accessibility. We conduct each task with the utmost professionalism and transparency.
looking out
for you.
24-hour service
Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Hence, we provide you with our 24-hour call service, 365 days a year, to ensure you know we are close at hand.
What sets us apart in the sector is the fact that we have a more extensive and flexible schedule for receiving your notifications. We look out for you on a permanent basis by attending breakdown calls from Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., in addition to our 24-hour rescue and emergency service (365 days a year). The travelling time and visits involved in the provision of this service will not result in any additional charge.
72-hour service
The phone installed in your lift will enable you to contact us immediately.
We check your cabin phone is in good working order every 72 hours from our headquarters.
Specialised support.
We have vast experience in the lift maintenance sector and you will realise this from the outset. Our operational technicians are backed by industrial engineers, thereby guaranteeing first-rate support.
We issue periodic reports to recommend the necessary improvements to your equipment.
We are with you throughout the process, providing you with a clear and detailed evaluation of what you need and how we intend to repair or

maintain your equipment

+Technical inspections
+Periodic inspections
+Personalised customer service
Our technical and production departments conduct periodic technical inspections to ensure your facility is in perfect working order.
In addition to the mandatory standard

maintenance service

, we provide our clients with our recommendations with regard to the facility and our approval for its smooth performance. Your safety is our primary concern.
Our technical branch managers organise inspection visits with the Authorised Monitoring Bodies and accompany them to our clients facilities to perform such periodic inspections. They are also entrusted with submitting the facility's records and incidents, always with the safety of users in mind.
We then take over the management of the reports issued and propose the improvements and modifications detected by the Monitoring Bodies.
We inform our clients of the deadlines for mandatory periodic lift inspections and, if they so desire, manage the execution of the Periodic General Inspection in accordance with the corresponding timeframe:

  • Every 2 years for industrial and public lifts.
  • Every 4 years for lifts in residential buildings with more than four floors.
  • Every 6 years for lifts in residential buildings with less than four floors and family residences.
All our clients are part of this family. Whenever you need something we will be there to help you. Our branches and staff are always nearby. Our after-sales service is designed to accompany you.
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