Our quality policy
Always to provide you with the best
We at General Elevadores have a commitment to you: to remain at the forefront of the market working with the highest levels of quality.

How do we do it? Through an Integrated Management System for the systematic improvement of the company's processes and the greater satisfaction of our clients. Moreover, through a continuous process of research, development and innovation.

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In addition
Compliance with our certifications: standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-166002:2006.
The provision of the necessary means to enable our employees to meet the required standards of quality.
Working with approved suppliers and subcontractors that meet our quality requirements.
Working on the continuous improvement of our Quality System, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
The constantly modernisation of our materials and technologies.
The improvement of our R+D+I processes.
Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our services, and in particular, compliance with Royal Decree 1314/1997 in relation to Lift Directive 95/16/EC.
Providing our employees with the appropriate protective tools equipment to ensure the well-being of both them and our clients.
The three letters that sum up our daily work.
We carry out R+D+I projects on a continuous basis.

We train our workforce and encouraging them to share ideas on potential R+D+I projects.

We define goals based on our R+D+I strategies.

We promote the use of R+D+I tools.

We integrate R+D+I management with the rest of the company's systems.
SIT Strategic Innovation Triangle
A powerful and dynamic environment.
Our central operations base is located in Malaga, in an environment comprising a Strategic Triangle that is highly beneficial to our resources, innovation and logistics.
Would you like to know what makes this enclave so special?
Our Strategic Triangle is made up of the Andalusia Technology Complex, the University of Malaga and Malaga-Costa del Sol International Airport.

+ Why the PTA (Andalusia Technology Complex)?
Located in Malaga, the PTA is a unique, high-quality enclave for the implementation of SMEs and large innovative, eco-friendly companies dedicated to production, advanced services and R+D.
It is located in spectacular natural surroundings, equipped with first-rate infrastructure and advanced services. And this is where our headquarters are located
+ Why the UMA (University of Malaga)?
The city boasts a young, dynamic university with more than 40,000 students, 20 schools and centres of higher education, some of the most noteworthy of which are those dedicated to Information Technology, Production and Engineering, resulting in major potential for specialised and well-trained manpower in the field of new technological development.
+ Why Malaga International Airport?
The capital city of Malaga, in particular the area located in the Guadalhorce valley, has an expansive network of road and train links, the highlight of which is the AVE. More and more companies have been setting up shop in this area, thereby contributing to the creation of a powerful industrial infrastructure.
The airport provides direct connections to the whole of Europe, America and cities in other continents (over 13 million passengers).
The quality of life in the city of Malaga and the economic development taking place in the area make it the ideal place for establishing Research and Development Centres and High-Technology Industries.
We are one big family.
As such, our social activity always begins on the inside, adding value to what most sets us apart: the human factor.

Indeed, our workforce is what represents us above all. Men and women who convey our values and are the first aspect of the company our clients get to know. Our principles and personality are our calling card. This is our mark of quality and professionalism.

We are an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally friendly organisation, with the permanent mission of continuing to work and innovate in our services and products on a daily basis.

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