Our accessibility products

We at General Elevadores are fully aware of the importance of ensuring home environments are accessible and we have the tools required to guarantee that ordinary routine activities do not pose any difficulties that might prevent you from being able to lead your life in a totally normal manner.
To this end, we have a wide range of accessibility equipment designed to bypass the architectural barriers in your home or community.

One of our most sought-after products is our very own Domovil, designed for single-family homes in need of an accessible piece of equipment with few stops.

We also have vertical platform lifts with different lengths of travel, designed to take up the least possible space, for straight and curved routes, fully adaptable to the specific circumstances of each home.

Moreover, stair lifts are a good alternative for houses in which people need to climb a flight of stairs to reach a higher floor. These lifts are silent and provide a smooth ride. For more specific needs, we also have special equipment such as:

- Pool lifts

We have simple and easy-to-install products designed to enable users with reduced mobility to access a swimming pool normally. Our pool lifts provide maximum stability and firmness to ensure users feel totally safe and they can be operated both from in and out of the pool.

- Bathtub lifts

This option does away with the need to adapt your bathroom. Our Mabath lift will provide you with controlled access to your bathtub through the use of a hand control. This lift has a load capacity of 130 kg and a reclining 3-position backrest.

- Transfer hoists

Once we are fully aware of the customer´s needs, it is very easy to find the solution best suited to the circumstances. We have a wide range of transfer hoists equipped with special tailor-made harnesses to enhance the user´s quality of life.

- Articulated beds

Designed for people confined to bed for a time or for greater comfort, our domestic-use articulated beds come with a hoisting trolley with a multitude of positions. Furthermore, an emergency battery means there is no need to worry about your power supply at home.

- Scooters

Our scooters will provide you with greater mobility to travel around the city in a free and comfortable manner, an ideal piece of equipment that adapts to your daily needs and with an excellent range.

For more information on each of these products, General Elevadores has a team specialising in accessibility-related matters available to answer all your questions. What we need is first-hand knowledge of our users´ needs to enable us to deal with each case in a personalised manner and with the sole purpose of making people's lives easier.

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