We are present in several countries through collaboration agreements with companies in the sector. We can serve the entire country or specific areas.

Exclusive distribution

We also operate in countries in which collaboration with a company in the sector is total and exclusive.

Only that company can distribute our products and use our expertise, thereby setting them apart from other competing companies in their country, as they have the right to put our way of working, experiences and technology into practice.


There are markets where in which we have established ourselves and execute all the areas of business as in the same way as at our parent company, in Spain. Our subsidiaries in Chile, Peru and Gibraltar are a perfect example of success through the combination of our know-how and knowledge of the country and local companies clients.

Together, we achieve the best of both sides.

Technical assistance to other companies.

Just as we provide our services in various parts of the world, we also provide them to other companies requiring assistance, in addition to professional technical guidance, both at home and abroad.

Our vast experience has enabled us to deal with countless situations, thereby developing products and our own know-how.
We understand that a company´s growth and development is complex and, as such, we provide the following products and services to companies in the sector:
Materials and spare parts for a wide range of models and brands on the market
Production management and control models
Control panels adapted to your needs, both for renovations and for the installation of new lifts and low-speed lifts
Technical and management visits to establish convergence between the companies
Our DOMOVIL, high-speed, 0.15 m/s reduced-speed lifting equipment featuring great robustness and high safety measures, designed at our manufacturing plant
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