We would like to make that very clear

We work on a daily basis to the best of our ability to make this world a little easier, more comfortable and accessible.

For this reason, this company is composed of hundreds of professionals who continue to innovate on a daily basis in order to provide the most efficient solutions, at the forefront of technology, and being there for you when you need it. This trust, which we have earned after all these years working alongside you, is what continues to drive us every day.

We take on each project as a new challenge to provide, in addition to a vertical lifting solution, equipment that will help you in your daily movement. Tailor-made solutions starting with the first "What do you need?", followed by a personalised analysis of each individual case, the design and final installation, and ending with an after-sales service to ensure you are always looked after.

Global accessibility?
Yes, we make that possible.
Our headquarters are
located at Parque
Tecnológico de Andalucía,
in Málaga.
We boast:
  • 7.000 square metres of premises
  • Around 200 workstations in our national network.
  • Over 200 workstations around the world.
  • Specialised infrastructure and resources.
  • Global communication systems and networks.
  • Our own methodology and high standards of quality.
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